Carlton Show - 2016 Prizes

This is the full list of prizes - including trophies awarded by judging not point totals. If you want to see the score breakdowns for points totals go to the 2016 Trophies link on the top menu. Also available as a download.

2016 Results (also on the top menu above) shows the detailed rankings for each class. (Both of these are also available as Downloads)

Society Plaque for Best Garden                                                                    Vida-Ann Philipps 90, The Moor

Stanton Salver for Best Container Display                                                     The Daltons 69 The Moor - (again)

Freddy Wykes Cup for Best Allotment                                                           Ray Harper

Certificate for Best Allotment Newcomer                                                       Darren Clark

Special Certificate for Prettiest Street                                                            Rectory Close 

Society Plaque for Member with Most Points in the Vegetable Section         Nina Knight

Jack Chambers Cup for Best Exhibit in Vegetable Classes                           Mike and Judy Meade

Ben Cockings Cup for Member with most points in Flower Section               Nina Knight

Doris Day Rose Bowl for Best Exhibit in Flower Classes                               Mark Fletcher

Carol Spruce Salver for Best Exhibit in Fuchsia Class                                   Stan Parker

Robert Henderson-Begg Quaich -the most points in Flower Arranging         Denise Gower

Alison Gibb Cup for the Member with most points for Confectionery            Jan Taylor

The Dalton Plate for the Best Exhibit in the Handicraft Section                     Diane Bell

Carol McDermott Cup for the Best Exhibit in the Beverages Section            Dawn Butler

Carlton WI Cup for Entrant with the most points in Photography                   Clive Harris and Nick Henwood

Charles Skevington Cup for the Member with most points overall                 Nina Knight

Carlton Allotment Society Cup for Non Member with most points                  Andrew and Carloine Capel        

Eddie Gibb Plaque for Best Junior Gardener                                                 Zara Fletcher

Eddie Gibb Cup for Best Junior Chef/Craftsperson                                        Ronnie Shipton

Trevor Smith’s Grandad Cup for Winner of the Special Junior Class             Ellen Fletcher

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