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Carlton Garden and Allotment Society.

The Diocese of St. Albans owns our wonderful allotments and have ceded responsibility to us, the village, to make sure sure that they are kept well and fit for purpose. It's special that a tiny place like Carlton has these to use. A team of volunteer members undertake this duty and also give up a bit more of their time to make everything else happen. This includes collecting the rent and begging for more volunteers. Have pity on them they are only trying to help make sure that this precious resource is still here for us all in the years to come.

They also make sure that the annual show happens. Now that youve read that and discover that you're bursting to help all you need to do is contact someone.

The Chairman of the Society's Committee is Bernard Grove whose telephone number is 720297. 

The Secretary is Paul Harrison telephone number 720924

If you would like to rent an allotment, the contact person is Sue Harrison Carlton. Tel No. 720924, email

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