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You may have spotted that our web-site is brand new. Up to now we've not really had any questions so we've tried to ask some that we think could be important. As we get some real ones, we'll slot them in here, with the answers - hopefully. Under each question there's a short answer, if you want a longer on then just click  on 'show' for that question.

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What do I need to do to enter?show

So its the last minute, you've not done this before and you've got the urge to join in - read on the get the kit of parts

To Enter the show you'll need:

  • to decide what classes to go in for, these are on the Schedule.
  • you'll need an Entry Form these are different it you entering an Open Class or are under 17 and entering a Junior Class
  • For confectionery sections you may need a Recipe
  • a quick shufty at the Rules might help
  • there's also a Useful Hints document
  • If you are entering in Open Classes you'll need a little Money
  • You then need to get your entry form and money to 28 High Street by 7pm on Friday 30th. August.
  • AND then turn up between 9am and 11.45 am on the 31st. to stage your entry, this will not be done for you so don't leave it too late.

You'll need to sort out the money bit for yourself but the rest are available right here in our Downloads Section


How do I enter the Prize Draw?show

Every paid competition entry gets you a ticket. This means entering in the Open classes.

Each entry is 25p for members and 50p for non-members - so if you enter something in twenty classes you'll get twenty tickets.

We can't sell tickets separately but there's nothing to stop you entering for a class and then just not putting anything in on the day. But why not try both?

When and Where is this year's show?show

The 30st August 2014. at the Carlton village hall

Timings vary here. If you are an exhibitor you have to have entered by 7pm the day before. (really way before that for handicrafts and photography). You've then got to turn up and stage your winning entry between 9am and 11.45am on the day. After judging, you can stage your triumphant return any time after 2.30 pm. Prizes and trophies are dished out at about 4pm along with the Grand Draw. If you are under 12 and the anticipation is too great to bear, why  not have a go at our treasure hunt which starts at the Hall at 1.30pm.  

Can I enter if I'm not a member of the Society?show

Yes, all comers are welcome. If you are a junior all your entries in Junior Classes are free. Open Class entries just cost a little more if you're not a member

It's only £2.50 per annum to join and you don't have to have an allotment. So if you are going to try your luck in more than 10 classes joining saves you money!


How do I find out what I can enter?show

The entries are divided into classes and these are all published in the show schedule. The easiest way to get this and all the other stuff you'll need is to go to our downloads section from the menu above

As of the end of May show schedules have will already been published. In late July they will de delivered to members of the Carlton Garden and Allotment Society, and to non-members who entered last year. Extra schedules will be left in the Carlton Village Shop so collect one and ‘have a go’. Copies will also be sent out via Carlton School. Or just download from this website. If you want to enter you'll need at least the schedule and an entry form. If entering the confenctionery classes you probably need a receipe. And it would be worth having a look at the rules as well!


How much will all of this cost?show

Very little, is the short answer, but click on 'show' to the right for the detail.

If you are a Society member (exceptional value at £2.50 pa) then each entry is 25p. If not a member then it's 50p a pop. if you have the good fortune to have been born after 30th August 1998 then the entry fees are free if you go in for the Junior classes. If you are under 17 and are entering an Open Class you pay 25p per entry if one of your parents is a member, 50p if not.

If you just want to come and see the fabulous entries then it will be £1 to enter, children are free. But don't come with empty pockets many of the prize winning exhibits are raffled off after the show and there's always the tea, cakes, raffle tombola etc. to keep you amused.

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